Welcome to Our Nomadic Life

Hello. We are David and Becky Tscherne. We travel full time in our 40 foot Winnebago motorhome. While we are sometimes labeled full-time RVers, we prefer to call ourselves nomads.

Unlike some RVers who mostly stay in one or two places throughout the year, we like to slowly migrate across the country, enjoying life along the way. Our life, in fact, bears a striking resemblance to that of a traditional nomad, who like us has “no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a customary route or circuit” – Dictionary.com.

In the winter, we go where it is warm. In the summer, we go where it is cool. In the spring and fall, we are headed in one direction or the other. But no matter what season, our goal is always the same: to seek out new places, new adventures, and new friends wherever we may be. Click here to see our latest posts.

This is the record of our nomadic life.

Our Travels

Our Travels

We started RVing in May 2014. Our first big trip was in Spring 2016, when we went from northern Ohio to southern Florida and back. Before then, all of our trips had been in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. But in March 2016, we changed our domicile from a house in Perrysburg, Ohio to a small mail box in Crestview, Florida.

Thus we began the official process of declaring our intention to become nomads. But we didn’t start traveling as “full-time” nomads until early June 2016 after we had sold our house. Now our home in on wheels.

We travel slowly, staying a week or two in each campground. By traveling this way, we seldom go more than 500 miles in a month. But even at this leisurely pace, it can be hard to remember what we’ve done. So we use this blog to record where we’ve stayed and what we’ve seen and done. Continue reading “Our Travels”

Our Motorhome

Our Motorhome

We’ve owned two Class A motorhomes: a 2015 Thor Challenger 37GT and a 2008 Winnebago Destination 39W. We bought the Thor new in May 2014, but traded it in a year and a half later for the used Winnebago.

We’ve been much happier with the Winnebago than we were with the Thor. Superficially, they were quite similar. But underneath they were very different. The most significant difference is that the Winnebago is a diesel model, while the Thor was a gas.

Knowing what we know now, we wouldn’t hesitate to choose an older diesel model over a newer gas model assuming they were about the same size, layout, and price. We made an even swap of the 2015 Thor for the 2008 Winnebago with a dealer, and we feel we got the better part of the bargain. While a gas model might be fine for part-timers, we would recommend a diesel to anyone considering a full time nomadic life. Continue reading “Our Motorhome”

Our Story

Our Story

It has been our dream to travel the US, and that dream became a reality in June 2016 when we sold our house and set out as full-time nomads in a 40′ motorhome.

Becky retired in January 2016 from her job as Operations Manager for a small company in Toledo OH. While it was initially hard to say goodbye to a job and co-workers that she loved, she quickly turned her full attention to preparing for life on the road and the adventures that lay ahead. She’s always been a planner. So she researches fun places to go and read a lot of campground reviews before creating a route. She also enjoys fussing with the RV home and finding ways organize and redecorate. Continue reading “Our Story”