Bert’s Breakfast Korner – Stevensville MI

RATING: ♦♦♦♦♦

We don’t often create a post just for a restaurant, especially a local small town breakfast diner with a silly name. But Bert’s Breakfast Korner was such a delight that it merits it’s own post. It’s a family run business and the family takes pride in their product. The owner is the cook and mom manages the cash register.

They are known for cooking whatever you want for breakfast any way you want it. Becky had eggs and bacon, which was good. But I had the eggs benedict. They were hands down the best I’ve ever eaten. I asked the waitress what gave them their special taste, but she said it as a family secret. I suspect it was a dash of cayenne pepper. It gave the hollandaise sauce a red tinge and a slight kick. And there may have been a little Dijon mustard, too. Delicious!

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