Florida Blueberry Festival – Brooksville FL


Florida is blueberry country! The state is the eighth in the nation in blueberry production. This year, 15 counties participated in the annual festival to celebrate the spring harvest.The theme was Brush with the Blues. Much of the live entertainment was blues focused, and there was a painting contest for local artists (thus the “brush”). 

The whole downtown section of the small town of Brooksville was blocked off to traffic, and was filled with vendors, food trucks, and street entertainers. As expected, there were blueberry pies, blueberry jams and syrups, blueberry honey, blueberry shortcake, blueberry beer and wine, and just plain blueberries. The blueberry shortcake was tasty.

It was a larger event than we anticipated. A big draw was a huge water slide that was set up on a naturally sloping side street. It was fun to watch the kids try to get up speed as they shot down the hill.

Note: One of the vendors was 85-year-old Bob, our next door neighbor at our campground. Bob travels the area selling honey products at events like this one. 

Website:  Florida Blueberry Festival

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