German-American Festival – Oregon OH

RATING: ♦♦♦♦♦

Toledo, like many industrial towns around the Great Lakes, is an ethnically diverse city, with most of those ethnicities originally coming from eastern Europe. When we were kids, on most summer weekends we’d attend one of the many ethnic festivals around town; such as Polish, Hungarian, or Greek. 

But my favorite was the German-American Festival. The festival is still going strong. It bills itself as Toledo’s oldest, largest, and greatest ethnic festival! There’s lots of delicious German food, authentic German music, folk dancing, and entertainment. Some of the more adventurous can participate in traditional German contests and feats of strength.

And did I mention there’s beer? German beer, Austrian beer, Swiss beer, Liechtensteinian beer, Luxembourgian beer, Belgian beer, Tyrolean beer, Slovak beer, and even some American beer.

Needless to say, “a good time is had by all”.

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