National Museum of Cambridge Glass – Cambridge OH

RATING: ♦♦♦♦

We stopped by this little museum, not knowing what to expect. We were surprised to find that we were the only visitors that afternoon and that we would get a private tour! Not only did we view the wonderful and diverse glass pieces, but we also got a history lesson on glass making in the early 20th century.

It’s amazing to realize how hands-on the process was back then. Every piece is truly a work of art. Our guide explained the significance that color played in the success of the company as we viewed the collections of green, pink, light and dark blue, purple, yellow, and on and on to what seemed like every color imaginable, including black and clear!

Cambridge glass was produced in Cambridge, OH from 1902 to 1958. The museum displays over 6,000 pieces, including pieces that were used in movies such as The Sting, White Christmas, and Prizzi’s Honor. There is a display of a beautiful royal blue luncheon set that was a wedding gift to Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. 

There is a small gift shop. I bought a dog pencil holder that apparently held a pencil used to keep score during a bridge game.

Website: National Museum of Cambridge Glass

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