North Florida Fairgrounds – Tallahassee FL

  • Length of stay: 6 days
  • Cost of stay: $95.00
  • Discount: Price was for the RV-Dreams Boondocking Rally
  • Hook ups: none
  • Site number/quality: We parked in a circle with the other RVers in a large grassy field at the fairgrounds. There was a dump station on the grounds.
  • Park quality: The venue was nice, typical of fairgrounds.
  • Mail: Yes
  • Access: Off I-10, had to drive thru the west side of Tallahassee, busy city streets
  • Connectivity: Verizon ok
  • Return yes/no?: While the rally was fun and informative, and the fairgrounds were fine, we would not want to stay in a spot this close to a city again, so no.
  • Notes: Boondocking rally was just what we needed at the time. P.S. Several ladies, including Becky decided to get a short haircut. Wine was involved.
  • Website: North Florida Fairgrounds

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