Route – Spring 2016


Our first major trip in our motorhome was a round trip from Toledo to southern Florida and back, in just six weeks. Our goal was to change our domicile from Ohio to Florida. We weren’t yet fully retired, and so we were under some time constraints. We tended to travel longer distances and have shorter stays than we do now. In a word, it was a bit grueling.

We learned some important lessons on this trip.

  • Take your time. Traveling 150 miles in a day is plenty.
  • Plan at least one rest stop if driving farther.
  • Keep your speed reasonable, between 60 and 65 MPH.
  • U.S. Highways are often easier to drive than the Interstate.
  • Spend a few days at each, or every other, location.
  • Plan your route around cities whenever possible.
  • If you have to go through a city, sometimes straight thru is better than the bypass. Avoid rush hours. Sunday mornings are best.

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