Florida RV Supershow – Tampa FL


Some events are so hyped up that there is no way they will meet your expectations. The Tampa RV Supershow is such an event. Yes, it’s a huge show. Yes, there are thousands of attendees. And that’s it’s problem. 

After driving two hours to get to the Florida State Fairgrounds, it took us over an hour to get into the parking lot, and another half-hour to get parked and inside the venue. Once inside, we were shoulder to shoulder with mobs of people. It was loud and hot. All in all a thoroughly unpleasant way to spend the day.

The fact is that most of the items being sold, either by vendors or dealers, is stuff we don’t want or need. Couldn’t wait to leave. Which by the way took another hour just to get back on the highway. Miserable.

The only saving grace was a stop on the way back at the Parkesdale Farm Market in Plant City for some of their justifiably famous strawberry shortcake. Yum.

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