Our Travels

Our Travels

We started RVing in May 2014. Our first big trip was in Spring 2016, when we went from northern Ohio to southern Florida and back. Before then, all of our trips had been in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. But in March 2016, we changed our domicile from a house in Perrysburg, Ohio to a small mail box in Crestview, Florida.

Thus we began the official process of declaring our intention to become nomads. But we didn’t start traveling as “full-time” nomads until early June 2016 after we had sold our house. Now our home in on wheels.

We travel slowly, staying a week or two in each campground. By traveling this way, we seldom go more than 500 miles in a month. But even at this leisurely pace, it can be hard to remember what we’ve done. So we use this blog to record where we’ve stayed and what we’ve seen and done.

Campgrounds: Where we’ve stayed

We stay in four kinds of campgrounds. Click on an item below to see where we’ve stayed.

Experiences: What we’ve seen and done

We don’t travel just to live in campgrounds. We travel for the experiences. To visit new places and do fun things. Click on an item below to see some of our mini-ventures.

Routes: How we got to where we’ve been

As full-time nomads, we find it helpful to track the “where”, “when”, and “how” of our travels. Use the link above to see where we’ve been as full-time nomads, when we were there, and how we got there.

Both of us have traveling a lot for much of our lives. Below is a map showing all the states we’ve been to, both before and after becoming full-time nomads, and includes our travels in the U.S. as a married couple going back to 1979. We only include those states where we spent some time and money enjoying the state, not simply driving through it.